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  1. Hello, all. Last night a friend died. J Baldwin, one of our 1977 “hot-shots,” a designer, Whole Earth Catalog and CoEvolution Quarterly editor, died at home with his wife Liz beside him. He was 84, and until less than a year ago was still working as a popular design teacher in the Bay area.


  2. Aloe
    Life is a show
    We learned long ago
    New western energy show
    We live we die between we glow
    The door is open wide for us to sew
    new thoughts/ ideas for all to grow
    the facts will follow this I know
    they follow the banjo
    Life is a show
    let use bestow
    new possibilities to grow
    Open the door and let it snow
    the inspiration will crow
    let this embryo
    Inflow/ outflow
    Pinto/ photo
    Solo, duo, trio
    Van gogh


  3. Hi my friends,
    We are still completely missing a few folks. Off the top of my head there is Mary Dower, Laurie Tanner and Chris O’Brien. Are any of you eager detectives or incidentally have information about them (or anyone else we might be missing for that matter)? If you do, please let me or Elizabeth or Angie know. Thanks!


  4. Surely I am not the only one who has done anything for the last 40 years! Cmon people. Write your short bios. Inquiring minds want to know!


  5. I added a list of NWES tours and participants. You can find it under the NWES HISTORY tab. In making it, I used my foggy memory, looked through the box of NWES archives and photos, and consulted with our Reunion organizing committee, but I’m sure that are mistakes and omissions. So, please review and let us know what changes are needed. Thanks!


    1. While in Choteau during the NWES 1976 tour, we met Dave Healow, then a crop duster, who grew up on a ranch outside Billings. Healow, familiar with wind-pumped water, was fascinated with propellers. He hung around the show for three days, talking wind. Only a few years later, Healow put up the first three wind generators visible from the freeway outside Livingston, Montana.

      If you know someone who was drawn to the show, or someone particularly helpful on any of the tours, please let them know about the NWES Reunion. They are welcome to join us. NWES Reunion registration fee and Feathered Pipe food charges apply as needed for Saturday and/or Sunday.

      This will be fun. -Elizabeth Wood


  6. LaLani. My Goodness. Howdy, I’m sure. I don’t remember the Solar Cookie Song, but it’s in there somewhere. I’m going to need many reminders about who’s who and why we know each other. After all, I’m an old fart now and many brain cells have gone off in a spark. Pat (my dear sweet loving wife) and I ran into George Ryan at the Empty Bowls fund raiser a month or two ago, and I recognized him. Wow ! Good Bob. You get a biscuit.

    — RGR


  7. May 11th 2016 . Paonia Colorado…Warming up for the reunion>>>rode my bike to SEI on a cloudy day…stood in the office and sang Solar Cookie Song!..Crossing my fingers that Sean aka Woody aka Rubin the WGL will register and attend reunion.. .Lalani aka Mayor Steadbutt aka wife of Buell Nibbins Looking forward to seeing you all.


      1. I’m trying to figure out how to post my bio. The site says to e-mail Angine, but I don’t know your e-mail address. Help?


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